Owner FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked questions


  • How do I hire you to be our property manager?

    It’s a simple process. We do a consultation call, you review and sign the management agreement then we handle the rest.
  • How long is the management contract?

    The management agreement is for one year.
  • What do you charge to manage?

    We have different packages of management. We typically charge a fee to find a tenant, a monthly fee to manage and lastly, a small fee to renew the lease each year. For our latest pricing options, visit our pricing page on the website.
  • How and when do I get paid?

    We process statements by the 10th of the month for the previous month's transactions. All rent proceeds are processed via direct deposit.
  • How do you determine the rent amount?

    We do a rental analysis on the property. We search for comparable homes, in a similar area that have recently rented. We also take into account the condition of the property and similar homes currently for rent. Before marketing your property, we give you a price range we expect the property to rent.
  • Are you licensed and insured?

    We are licensed real estate agents, members of NARPM (National Association of Property Managers) in good standing of local real estate boards and fully insured.
  • Do you accept section 8?

    We do on certain properties. We will explain the benefits and risk to you when you hire us. If you are interested in Section 8, we then formulate a plain to market to Section 8 applicants.
  • How do you protect the condition of my property?

    It starts with proper screening of the tenant. We also offer an annual lease compliance walk through of the property, hold tenants accountable for issues and respond quickly to non-compliance of the lease.


  • How do you handle maintenance requests on rental properties?

    Maintenance requests are submitted by tenants online. Issues that can cause structural damage to the property or are a safety hazard to the resident are prioritized as emergencies. Minor maintenance is completed as first come first serve. Estimates are created for major repairs and property owners are provided this information by the Portfolio Manager.
  • Do you notify me of maintenance requests?

    We handle smaller maintenance requests as needed and inform owners on their monthly statement. Owners are informed about large repairs and emergency repairs as soon as we are made aware of them.
  • How does the lawn care maintenance process work?

    The tenant is responsible for maintaining the lawn on single family homes. While the owner is responsible for the cost of lawn care during vacancies on all properties, we will coordinate lawn care during these times.


  • What is my reserve account?

    The reserve is basically a deposit we collect from you to offset expenses we receive before the rent is paid. This deposit or reserve is noted on your statement each month and returned to you upon termination of management.
  • Do I receive a 1099 at the end of the year?

    In accordance with federal law, we prepare a 1099 each year and deliver a copy to you.

Leasing and Screening

  • What is your process for screening tenants?

    We factor in a number of things when finding a tenant for your property including rental and employment verification and credit and background checks. Our processing is thorough and strict, usually taking 3 business days to ensure we are placing a quality tenant that will take care of your property. Applications are processed on a first come first serve basis, however we do allow multiple households to apply at the same time to be sure that if an application is denied or backs out, we are not losing that market time.
  • How long will it take to lease my property?

    Once your property is rent ready, we take an average of 30 days to get it leased. This time frame is largely dependent on the market & time of year. Your property manager will check in with you each Wednesday and suggest price reductions if we think that is holding up the process.
  • How will you market my property?

    We begin marketing your property to pre-approved applicants 2-3 weeks before its scheduled to be rent ready and fully marketing to the public about 1 week prior to it being ready. We take professional pictures highlighting the amenities your property has to offer and syndicate them out to all of the top sites (Zillow, Hot Pads, Trulia, etc.). If your property is not able to be pre-leased during this process, we will place a self-show box on it once rent ready which we’ve found boosts showings by 25% by allowing prospects to view the property outside of the normal 9-5.
  • How long do tenants typically lease rental properties?

    Our average length of leasing is 3 years. We do have some tenants that have been in the property for 10+ years. We focus on preparing the property and pricing the property to attract quality, long-term tenants.

Pet Policy

  • Do you allow pets?

    We do. We have restrictions on age and the number of pets. We also have a pet damage guarantee. If we place a pet and it damages your property, we pay up to $2,500 to repair the damage.
  • Can I choose to not allow pets?

    Yes, you can. We advise you not to since 75% of applicants have pets and we offer a pet damage guarantee which virtually eliminates the risk of having pets.
  • How do you prevent pet damage?

    We do an extensive screening of the tenant and the pet. We look at their rental history record and factor that in when choosing the tenant. We also do an annual pet inspection that the tenant pays for. During this inspection we will look for any sign of pet damage. If we find any, we make sure the tenant addresses it in a timely manner.

Current Tenants

  • How much is the tenant’s security deposit?

    It is typically equal to one month’s rent.
  • Do I get the tenants security deposit?

    No. The tenant security deposit belongs to the tenant. We keep the deposit in a trust account and at move out we determine if it should be returned to the tenant or given to you to cover expenses for damages done by the tenant.
  • Do tenants pay the utilities?

    Tenants are responsible for all utilities in single family homes. This includes lawn care, sewage, water and trash removal. In multi-unit buildings, lawn care is an owner responsibility and in most of our multi-units, water sewage and trash removal is also included in rent.
  • What happens if the tenant doesn’t pay the sewage bill?

    We fine the tenant, pay the bill and charge it to the tenant’s account. This assures us that a wastewater lien will not get placed on your property.
  • What is the eviction process?

    If the tenant owes more than $150 in rent on the 15th of the current month, we immediately file an eviction-no exception, no payment arrangements.
  • What do you do if a tenant doesn’t pay rent?

    We charge late fees, send notice to the tenant then file an eviction if the tenant owes more than $150 in rent on the 15th of the current month.