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Residents will always leave the property they’re renting at the end of a leasing period when they feel like their maintenance needs are left unaddressed.

We know that resident retention reduces vacancy costs, and we won’t lose good residents over leaky faucets and necessary repairs. At CRM Properties, we are fast and thorough with our responses, whether we’re taking care of a routine request or an urgent emergency.

Our team also understands that maintenance is expensive. We keep an eye on your bottom line, and our staff is trained to identify which issues fall into your column of responsibility and which are for the resident to take care of. We keep your costs down and we protect the condition of your investment. We focus on preventative maintenance because it often eliminates the need for expensive and sudden repairs.

A qualified team is here 24 hours a day and seven days a week to respond to any emergencies that do arise.

Routine Repairs and Emergency Response for Your Investment

We’re prepared to meet your maintenance needs. Things are going to break, even if you’re renting out a brand new home, and even if you bought it in excellent condition.

For routine maintenance needs, your residents have access to an online portal where we accept and respond to repair requests. If there’s a toilet that’s acting funny or a cabinet door that’s hanging off its hinges or a garbage disposal that’s sticking, we’ll document the request and respond accordingly.

Our online system allows the reporting of maintenance to be convenient and efficient, and it also provides our maintenance team with a documented repair record for your property. We stay in touch with residents throughout the process and follow up to make sure the work is completed.

For emergencies, residents can reach us 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Before they move in, we talk to residents about what constitutes an emergency and how to mitigate any danger or disaster. They know how to shut off the water and where the gas lines are. We won’t leave them alone to panic and worry. All repairs are emotional for residents; emergencies are even more anxiety-provoking. We do our best to ease their concerns and get things back to normal as quickly as possible.

Working with Vendors and Contractors

In addition to property management and real estate services, our team provides construction, with a focus on rehabs and renovations. This gives us access to some of the best maintenance professionals in the area. You won’t have to worry about where to find a plumber or an electrician or a roofer. We have the best connections.

We believe in connections and relationships. Our team of maintenance professionals are made up of skilled individuals who are licensed, insured, and bonded. They’ve been experts in their field for years, and they are responsive to the needs of our owners and residents. They also offer us the best pricing, saving you money and increasing your return on investment (ROI).

Don’t leave your property’s maintenance needs to a well-meaning cousin who knows how to hang drywall, or an unlicensed laborer who doesn’t know what he’s doing. Good maintenance plans protect the condition of your home and keep your residents in place.

Our maintenance staff can promise:

  • Immediate responses to emergency maintenance needs
  • Quick diagnosis of routine repair problems
  • Excellent communication with residents
  • Preventative maintenance strategies that can help you avoid large expenses
  • Cosmetic upgrades and updates during resident turnovers
  • Cost-effective repairs and pricing

Whether we’re responding to a routine repair request, preparing your rental property for the winter season, or making some upgrades before a new resident moves in, you can count on our qualified and responsive maintenance team.

Indianapolis Property Management Services – A Wise Investment

Too many people get into the rental property market as a means to grow their investment money thinking it’ll be a passive investment. It’s a good decision for the most part, as property values tend to increase over time no matter where you are and the rent payments almost make this investment self-funding. However, what appears to be a perfect plan on paper often turns out to be anything but in reality. residents create management situations, whether they are good or not so good, and rental properties take time to maintain, even if they’re relatively new.

Unfortunately, a lot of rental property investors do not go ahead and hire Indianapolis property management services because they think it’d be too costly. In most situations, this thinking is misguided. As you’ll see below, CRM Properties can help you understand the full value of your rental property such that it’s quite possible that you can charge more in rent than you would have otherwise. Given that potential, it’s also quite possible that this extra rent revenue will help to pay for your property management in Indianapolis. Once again, you’ve achieved a largely self-funding model.