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If you're looking to invest in a profitable rental property, look no further than Speedway, Indiana. Located just a few miles west of downtown Indianapolis, Speedway offers a unique combination of history, attractions, and strong rental demand. From its iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway to its vibrant community and convenient location, here's why Speedway is an excellent place to own a rental property.

Home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Speedway is renowned worldwide as the home of the legendary Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a historic racetrack that hosts the famous Indianapolis 500 and other major racing events. This prestigious venue attracts motorsports enthusiasts from around the globe, creating a high demand for short-term accommodations. By owning a rental property in Speedway, you can capitalize on the influx of visitors and secure consistent rental income during race season.

Convenient Location

Speedway's proximity to downtown Indianapolis is a significant advantage for property owners. With quick access to major highways such as I-465 and I-65, residents can easily commute to downtown offices, entertainment venues, and universities. The convenient location also appeals to young professionals, students, and families seeking a suburban lifestyle with easy access to urban amenities.

Community Events and Attractions

Speedway is not just about racing; it also offers a variety of community events and attractions. The Main Street in Speedway is bustling with shops, restaurants, and entertainment options that cater to residents and visitors alike. The town hosts festivals, parades, and concerts throughout the year, fostering a vibrant and engaging community atmosphere that attracts tenants looking for an active and diverse neighborhood.

Strong Rental Market

Speedway's robust rental market makes it an attractive choice for property owners. The presence of major employers, including the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and nearby healthcare facilities, ensures a steady demand for rental properties. Additionally, the town's proximity to several universities, including the University of Indianapolis and Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), provides an ongoing pool of potential student tenants. These factors contribute to a high occupancy rate and the potential for consistent rental income.

Growth and Development Opportunities

Speedway is experiencing growth and development, presenting opportunities for property owners. The town has undertaken revitalization projects, infrastructure improvements, and community initiatives to enhance the overall appeal and quality of life in the area. This ongoing progress contributes to property value appreciation and ensures a positive investment outlook for rental property owners.

Potential for Long-Term Profitability

Investing in a rental property in Speedway provides the potential for long-term profitability. The town's strong rental demand, proximity to major attractions, ongoing development, and thriving economy create a favorable environment for property owners. As Speedway continues to grow and attract visitors and residents, rental property owners can enjoy consistent rental income, property appreciation, and the potential for strong returns on their investment.

Speedway, Indiana, offers an exceptional opportunity for rental property owners. Its association with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, convenient location, community events and attractions, strong rental market, growth and development opportunities, and potential for long-term profitability make it an appealing destination for investors. Don't miss out on the advantages of owning a rental property in Speedway. Embrace the excitement and potential for success in this thriving town, and let our experienced Speedway property management team handle all aspects of property management for you. We understand the rental market, and how to find the very best residents for your rental property.

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Speedway Property Management Services – A Wise Investment

Too many people get into the rental property market as a means to grow their investment money thinking it’ll be a passive investment. It’s a good decision for the most part, as property values tend to increase over time no matter where you are and the rent payments almost make this investment self-funding. However, what appears to be a perfect plan on paper often turns out to be anything but in reality. residents create management situations, whether they are good or not so good, and rental properties take time to maintain, even if they’re relatively new.

Unfortunately, a lot of rental property investors do not go ahead and hire Speedway property management services because they think it’d be too costly. In most situations, this thinking is misguided. As you’ll see below, CRM Properties can help you understand the full value of your rental property such that it’s quite possible that you can charge more in rent than you would have otherwise. Given that potential, it’s also quite possible that this extra rent revenue will help to pay for your property management in Speedway. Once again, you’ve achieved a largely self-funding model.